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Like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, Jones Act Delivers for America Year-Round

As the end of the year approaches, it must be time for the annual visitation ... Read Full Article

Canadian Coalition Marches on Parliament to Stop Free Trade Agreement

Hundreds of trade unionists from around Canada, joined by allies from other organizations, marched through ... Read Full Article

Canadian Cabotage Fight Gains Industry Support

The Canadian Maritime and Supply Chain Coalition, with which the MTD is associated, continues to ... Read Full Article

Union-Crewed Cape Ray Completes Neutralizing Syrian Chemical Agents

To the praise of Pentagon officials, the union-crewed Cape Ray has finished its assignment of ... Read Full Article

New US Shipbuilding Bill Aims at Proposed LNG Trade

The MTD has thrown its support behind a bipartisan shipbuilding bill offered in the U.S. ... Read Full Article

MTD Salutes Jaenichen’s Confirmation as MarAd Administrator

The U.S. Senate confirmed Paul “Chip” Jaenichen as U.S. Maritime Administrator on July 15. He ... Read Full Article

Union-Crewed Cape Ray Begins Chemical Weapons Neutralization Efforts

The union-crewed, U.S.-flag Cape Ray is sailing once again as it begins the actual work on the ... Read Full Article

June 25 Is IMO ‘Day of the Seafarer’

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) again will recognize June 25 as the “Day of the ... Read Full Article

Hunter Urges Full MSP Funding by the House

U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), the chairman of the House Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation ... Read Full Article

President Obama Signs $12.3 Billion Waterways Act

During a White House ceremony on June 10, President Obama signed the Water Resources Reform ... Read Full Article