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AFL-CIO Issues Appeal on Behalf of Oklahoma Tornado Victims

The MTD joins with the AFL-CIO in asking all trade union activists ... Read Full Article

President Clinton and Organize Labor Unveil a Plan to Create New “Green” Jobs

Former President Bill Clinton joined AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, the mayors of ... Read Full Article

Unionized First Responders Praised for Their Response to Boston Bombing

Unionized first responders received widespread praise for their valor and tireless professionalism in ... Read Full Article

AFL-CIO Unveils “2013 Executive PayWatch”

There was one informative piece of news that came out on April ... Read Full Article

Unionized Shipyard Workers Put a Human Face on Sequestration

The automatic spending cuts that will be generated by the failure of ... Read Full Article

AFL-CIO Praises Obama’s Choice of Perez for Labor Secretary

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka gave a strong “thumbs up” to President Obama’s ... Read Full Article

MTD Urges Support for the Troops and Veterans

Meeting at its 2013 winter meeting near Orlando, FL, last month, the ... Read Full Article

MTD Executive Board Stresses Union Solidarity, Job Creation

The Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO passed a series of statements at its ... Read Full Article

Investing in Union Projects a Win-Win

As president and managing director of the AFL-CIO’s Investment Trust Corp. (ITC), ... Read Full Article

‘It’s Up to Us to Make It Happen’

The blueprint for strengthening the labor movement isn’t simple and the task ... Read Full Article